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Re: apt-get probs

On Mon, 26 Mar 2001 sjw@exegesis.org.uk wrote:
> Hi,
> It seems to me that apt-get (and obviously also dpkg)
> has a few problems that need to be retified.
> OK....Scenario...
> I modified a script within /etc/init.d/ as part of
> a pen test and general security survey to estimate
> what would happen should a hacker do the same.
> Next I do an apt-get remove on the package...it aborts
> with all sorts of nasty error messages.
what do you expect? when you remove a daemon, it gets stopped before the
files are deleted. chances are pretty good that you screwed up the
initscript in some way that caused it to fail- hence, can't stop daemon,
hence won't uninstall daemon.

> What is more worrying is that the pre and post install
> proggies get passed the message and totally screw up
> everything else.
"the message?" care to clarify that a bit?

> The only way round it was to unpack the .deb and overwrite
> everything to get apt-get working again.
this is not quite correct. i _really_ doubt that changing an initscript
"broke" apt in a way other than apt refusing to remove your broken

> I am purposely being vague about packages here as I would
> like others to try it on different packages. However I 
> will post all messages/package details if it turns out
> to be single package related...
it's not a bug with the package(s) you used, because you broke them
yourself. it's not a bug with apt for the same reason. and your message
doesn't help anyone unless you disclose everything; that's the whole point
of having resources like mailing lists & bug tracking available to the
general public.

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