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Re: /.kde and /.gnome* - policy?

Christian Marillat wrote:
> >>>> "ES" == Erik Steffl <steffl@bigfoot.com> writes:
> [...]
> ES>   however, what about the /.gnome* stuff? it was definitely created
> ES> recently (few days ago) when I installed new system (probably gnome in
> ES> unstable). I ran X as root but that's no excuse - all other programs put
> ES> their files in /root/.*rc (or similar, but all are in /root)
> Which /.gnome* files ?

  following directories were created somewhere along the lines of
installing and using (very briefly) gnome:


  there are no further directories/files under these.

  I installed potato and later on changed it to to testing and even
later on changed it to unstable. this all happened few days before
3/10/2001 (when I posted original message), so these are not oldproblem
(unlike /.kde which was on old computer and is already fixed)

  there are also .gnome and /.gnome_private directoreis under /root, so
the ones under / are not root's (I guess)


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