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Re: Changing standard mailbox setup of Debian?

On Fri, Mar 16, 2001 at 10:09:49AM +0000, Richard Kettlewell wrote:
> Arthur Korn writes:
> > Hmm, I see, it would make /var/spool/mail suffer of the same
> > problems as /tmp now ...
> > 
> > So what's the problem with using MAIL=~/.mail?
> You may have to deliver over NFS with that.  A lot of people don't

use maildir then. It has other advantages as well (and disadvantages too).

> want NFS involved in their mail delivery, usually for performance or
> reliability reasons.

but they seem to prefer to have the same mailbox on each of computers
they log into (if they have common /home)

and anyway people who have their /home on nfs are minority, and if admin
is capable of seting up shared /home, he is equally capable of changing
the mail setup, if he desires so (either putting spool somewhere else or
using maildir)

heck, I've seen /var/mail (mailboxes) shared over nfs from _fileserver_
to _mailserver_! And it was a busy site, with some thousands of users (but
this tells more about the administrators then about anything else)

> Also some sites like to keep home directories and the mail spool
> separated e.g. for quota or backup purposes.

quota and backup purposes where one of the main reasons I changed
my mail setup to use ~/Maildir instead of /var/mail :-)
Your argument is valid in both directions.

> You can use ~/.mail yourself if you like - but it's not necessarily
> the best choice for a default.

but neither is /var/mail necessarily the best choice

ideally, each MTA should ask in postinst to choose
1) either maildir or mailbox
2) /var/mail (default) or ~/something (where something should be agreed
upon to be a reasonable choice, ~/.mail or ~/.maildir or similar)

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