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Re: dpkg-source and stale NFS file - questions

On Wed, Mar 14, 2001 at 08:55:15AM +0100, Valentijn Sessink wrote:
> Hello all,
> As told in my previous message (Subject: "dpkg-source and NFS; stale NFS
> file handle") I run into problems with dpkg-source while on NFS.
> Now I've tried another machine, a non-SMP one, also running 2.2.17, and
> the problem occurs there as well.
> Are there people around that build their packages on NFS? If so, what
> kernel (client and server)? Do you use knfsd or rpc.nfsd?
> Thanks for all info. If anyone knows a better list for this problem -
> that would be great, as I did not find anyone that could help me so far.

Agg!  It's a serious breach of netiquette to spam-munge a reply-to
address in a mailing list posting. You're lucky I noticed, normally I
hit reply and respect the given address.

Anyhow, just to tell you that I'm aware of the bug you're
experiencing, but I never fixed it to my own satisfaction; I just
stopped building packages over NFS.  But you aren't hallucinating!

I'm slightly surprised there isn't an open bug about it that I can
see; I think the dpkg developers were aware of the problem, you could
try asking on debian-dpkg@lists


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