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Re: Testing upgrade and consequences

On Tue, Mar 13, 2001 at 09:19:34AM +0000 , Andrew M.A. Cater wrote:
> I've had to suffer this one - providing telephone support and advice over
> a week plus to an old and valued friend :) [Hi Martin :) ] 
> He is a web developer and electronic publisher with several mailing lists on
> his main site. He is also a trainer on Linux subjects and Apache, has run
> Debian for several years and is technically extremely competent.  He upgraded
> from a Potato 2.2r2 system to current "testing" and most things broke in serious
> ways, such that he swears he will never again move from stable releases.
> Mailman configuration broke - it took him several days to fix the configuration
> files for several lists.
> Pine broke and is apparently unfixable. Mutt works, but is not his preferred

who cares :)

> option.
> Exim configuration didn't, such that he reverted to smail.  He won't believe me
> when I say that Exim works fine.

he? exim is the same in testing as is in potato

> Most seriously of all - "Apache in Debian is seriously broken"

also. it's the same version as is in potato

> There may be a dependency loop on apache-perl which is inappropriate.
> The default configuration of apache has changed drastically between Potato
> and testing.  The version in testing is locked down solidly - everything is

not true. just look at the versions in potato and testing 1.3.9-13.1 both

> denied unless explicitly allowed with apache directives.  This is at odds with

like what?

> the behaviour up to and including potato, which was open.  Apache stomped over
> his httpd.conf files on upgrade and left him wondering what _exactly_ had 
> happened.  As he says "All other distributions work out of the box. When I'm

by default nothing should change, iff you don't confirm it

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