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Debconf web frontend


we'd like to use a web interface to reconfigure certain packages remotely, and I was thinking since I'm already using Debian that the Debian web frontend would be worth looking at.

I'd basically like to create a couple of administration pages showing the status of the box, and allowing the reconfiguration of certain packages.

Now, as far as i can tell the current "web" frontend has a couple of limitations. I was wondering how hard it would be to make something decent out of it. Is someone already working on this?

If no-one is, can someone atleast give me some caveats/pointers how to tackle this problem? My knowledge of Perl is very limited at the moment, but I don't mind picking up a book for this.

Another unrelated question: we also need to be able to backup the configuration files easily (just backup etc, basically). Now I thought I didn't have to backup the debconf db in /var, is this still true?


Mourad DC

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