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Re: Xpdf fuckware

On Sun, Mar 11, 2001 at 02:35:44PM +0000, Adam Langley wrote:
> ...
> The PDF fuckware (Futile Unnatural Control Keeping Ware, credit to
> Oskar Sandberg for that) is on the same road as DVD CSS and HDTV. A
> desperate and destructive attempt to enforce copyrights in a world
> where they no longer make sense.
> These technical measures will be broken and companies will try harder
> and harder to enforce them - stepping on everything in their path....

Just as a matter of ethics, Id like to disagree on a minor point:
I think you've overstated things a little, with reguard to copyright.
I believe that authors should still have legal copyright on 
electronic documents.
You seem to say otherwise.
But I certainly agree that attempting to enforce that through software is a
futile effort.

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