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Package modifying another package's control for build?

On Thu, Mar 08, 2001 at 10:10:25PM -0500, Camm Maguire wrote:
> Greetings!  Can a package be structured to build a variable number of
> subarchitecture-specific binary packages depending on the architecture
> running the compilation?  Perhaps control.i386, control.alpha, etc?

I have a question on a similar issue. I have a semi-maintained
cross-compile mini-HOWTO (which I posted to -sparc a few months ago) and
have a skelleton shell script which can build a cross-compiler

The question now is: Can my script edit the other packages' control
files (currently gcc-m68k-linux and binutils; gcc-m68k-linux is still
gcc 2.8.1, and current gcc ought to have a cross-compiler target in the
rules file), or can there be a template control section that can be
applied at build time?

I spoke with the binutils maintainer (chris I think) on similar issues
late last year, about adding more arches to the control file, and (from
memory) his points were that 0) there would be too much load on the
autobuilders to build all of binutils-{foo} on each supported arch, and
1) he did not see much benefit to auto-building non-embedded targets.

At this point I decided that a script to build the cross-compiling
environment would be the best decision.

So, is the proper solution for the script to:

0) patch/edit with ed the source packages' control files
1) for each source package, have a template that applies with env
   substitution (TARGET=sparc debian/rules binary) FI
2) some other solution

Personally, 0 seems to be the best interim solution, at least with
regards to the old gcc cross-package. However, for new source packages,
solution 1 or 2 would be preferable.

-- Ferret

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