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Re: Tax software (was Re: my answers to questions)

>>>>> "Jules" == Jules Bean <jules@jellybean.co.uk> writes:

    Jules> But it's not beyond hope that the maps be, sometime in the
    Jules> future, licensed for free distribution (allowing them a
    Jules> place in 'non-free').

I would like to think so, but so far after talking to other pilots,
and posting messages to public newsgroups, I gather the only demand is
for free binaries (ie. no source) that run under Windows.

On idea I did come up with is supplying a program that comes with no
maps, but requires the end user to (illegally) scan the map in.
Horrible. Sort of beyond the scope of any project I can do in my spare
time, too.

Oh, one luser even told me:

"I think you do need Windows!! You better come into the 21st Century

"I have used the non-Internet version of NAIPS [flight planning
software] for a while and its excellent.  Fast and comprehensive. Of
course you need Windows but fighting that is a total waste of
time. Really allowing for users outside Windows would cause a lot of
extra cost to cater for a tiny minority who really should join the
rest or just pay for the alternative ways to get the information or
lodge plans [filing a flight plan in this country without Internet or
NAIPS access is no longer a free service]."

"Get with the 2000's! Its time you upgraded your computer to Windows."

I don't normally flame people, but in this case I found it very big
temptation... In the end, I simply ignored the message.

On the positive side, I guess that while Linux is becoming
increasingly popular, things should eventually change... Like you
said, only a matter of "when" and not "if".
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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