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Re: Bug#88588: libpam-modules: pam-limits.so is broken

On Mon, Mar 05, 2001 at 03:22:48PM -0700, John Galt wrote:
> Ummm, no they don't.  To be precise, there is information on the BTS
> webpage on how to get the information, yet there is nothing there that
> implies you must do it.

Checking for previously filed bug reports is common practice. In fact
russell expressed that his time constraints kept him from doing so.

> Logically, if it's been reported 10 times within 24 hours, it means that
> 100 or so people found their system unsuitable (I've found that only about
> 10% of the people who find bugs report them, precisely because of abuse
> like this)  within the same amount of time, and hundreds more will do so
> before your fix gets out of incoming.  That you'd release a broken package
> is one thing, but the fact that you responded abusively and publicly to a
> bug report sickens me.  Is this the type of person that should be DPL?

I don't see anything terribly abusive here, John. Could you point out
the abusive parts? Can you show me some name calling, foul language,
name calling, insinuations, derragotory comments, "yo mamma..."
references, or anything else?

Also, sorry if I refuse to accept that your numbers mean that people
should not make a practice of checking for bugs reports before filing
them. I always do, and I have to file roughly 50 bug reports a week (and
some times more). The reason I posted it to -devel is because I wanted
others to see the PAM problem, and know that a bug report was filed, and
also to raise awareness of checking for bug reports before filing.

Lastly, it really is irritating for you to take something as trivial as
this point to turn it into "is this the type of DPL you will be!?". No,
this is the type of person I am, and the type of developer I am. That
wont change regardless of being DPL or not. If you do not like how I
act, then refrain from the DPL connection, because it truely has nothing
to do with that. IMO, you just want to nitpick because you don't like
me. I can accept that you don't like me. Heck, I don't like you much
either. However, the difference is, I'll try to avoid confrontation with
you, while you try to seek it with me. Who do you think the better
person is?

> On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Ben Collins wrote:
> >On Mon, Mar 05, 2001 at 12:35:37PM +0100, russell@coker.com.au wrote:
> >> Package: libpam-modules
> >> Version: 0.72-15
> >> Severity: critical
> >>
> >> After installing the latest pam modules cron and ssh can't operate properly.
> >> It seems that the pam-limits.so module decides to not allow the operations
> >> but does not log the reasons anywhere.
> >> I see the following in my cron logs:
> >
> >People really need to start checking the BTS before filing new bugs.
> >This bug has been reported ATLEAST 10 times over the past 24 hours.
> >0.72-16 is already in incoming[1] and can be downloaded to fix the
> >problem.
> >
> >Ben
> >
> >[1] http://incoming.debian.org/
> >
> >
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