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Partial XFree fix Re: Recent Woody upgrade, TeTeX, XFree86, and , Mozilla

On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> I've been upgraded to version 4.0.2-1, and wdm gives the following error
> in its log:
> Config Error: /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/XF86Config:160
>         DefaultColorDepth
> shared/xfree86v3/config/display/default_depth doesn't exist
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Default color depth expected

OK, found this offending text on two DefaultColorDepth line in my config
file, and changed the string to 8. This fixed that failure, and a bit of
juggling with the mouse and gpm go as far as the display of the wdm login
screen. However, all modes are unviewable. The refresh isn't right and in
each mode multiple "echoes" of the screen are spaced across the display,
making it totally useless.

I took the "simple" install and gave it a 14 inch screen size. Any ideas
how I go back and fix that?


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