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Re: XEmacs and LDAP

> On Thu, Mar 01, 2001 at 09:40:50AM +0000, Edouard Lafargue wrote:
> > 
> >   I noticed that xemacs (xemacs-21-gtk in my case) seems to have
> > trouble with LDAP and eudc: is it because the version included in
> > unstable was compiled without support for LDAP ? Wouldn't it be a good
> > thing to include it ? Getting LDAP completion when I send emails would
> > be neat.

It would be nice to have, but is it good to have a library dependency for
all other users of emacs who doesn't want or need LDAP?  

I find it concerning that many variants of many packages are
cluttering up th packages list.  With that in mind I have to consider it
more prudent to:

1) keep the package as 'slim' as possible (i.e. no LDAP dependency)
2)  put a ccouple of comments in the appropriate debian/* files to let
	people apt-get source them and rebuild with the extra options they
	want/need more easily.


p.s. I'd like to have it myself, but I'd rather recompile the package
myself than lumber everyone else with LDAP just because they want to use

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