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Re: serious bugs because of missing build depends

Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> writes:

> I guess my concern would be to state that a) NEW packages must comply
> with current policy, and b) updated packages done by the maintainer
> (NMU's should not have to abide) should comply with the latest policy.

     Policy ( says:

| 2.4.1. Standards conformance
| ----------------------------
|      You should specify the most recent version of the packaging standards
|      with which your package complies in the source package's
|      `Standards-Version' field.
|      This value will be used to file bug reports automatically if your
|      package becomes too much out of date.

     AFAIK, we have never stipulated a minimum Standards-Version for
any release, but we probably should.  The `too much out of date'
wording of current policy is too vague to be meaningful.

     We should establish a policy along the lines Ben suggests.  For
this purpose, what is `current policy'?  Is it the version in stable,
in testing, or in unstable?  In addition to requiring new and updated
packages to conform to current policy (however it is defined), should
there be a requirement that an old package be updated to reflect
current policy at some specified time?

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