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Re: PopCon (was Re: Drop 'epic' package? (was incorrectly Re: ITA: epic4))

Richard Braakman wrote:
>> I make this,
>>  Old = hasn't been used in 30 days
>>  Recent = been used in the last 24 hours but was upgraded/installed
>>           less than 30 days ago
> I think you misread this.  The 24 hour condition compares atime to ctime.
>    Recent = was upgraded/installed less than 30 days ago, and has
>             not been used since the day of installation

Right you are.  Not as useful as I thought.

>    Vote = was used less than 30 days ago, and more than one day after
>    	  installation
>> So (Vote + Recent) compared to Old gives a good idea of 'popularity' IMO.
> I don't think so.  That doesn't count people who remove the package
> after they stop using it.  And I think Recent should be taken as a
> measure of inaccuracy.

True enough.  I was thinking that it gives the ratio of people
who actually use the package to those who have it installed.  But
I didn't look closely enough at Recent..

"There are two kinds of statistics, the kind you look up and
the kind you make up." - Rex Stout

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