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why Linux?

There don't seem to be any really good links, not on the Debian
webpages, not anywhere that I could find, which make a point-by-point
comparison of Linux against NT, except for
http://www.unix-vs-nt.org/kirch/ which does seem to be a good piece of

For instance, there was the Mindcraft benchmark test where NT blew linux
2.2 out of the water, and then Dave Miller's response in the 2.4 kernel
bringing the upper hand back to linux, network-performance wise.  Where
is all this documented?

There are plenty of Linux advocacy articles out there telling you how to
tell everyone else that Linux is Really Really Good without flaming
them, but where are the hard data?  Not even the Linux International
site seems to have any links demonstrating *why* Linux is preferable to

The reason I bring this up is that where I'm working we're preparing to
deploy a Java-based web application using JSP technology, and my boss
asked me to convince him to deploy the system on Linux rather than NT
(which we've been developing on - the fear of the technical unknown for
them).  He's most interesting in the cost side of things, but
performance issues are also important.  So what am I supposed to tell
him? "Oh yeah, we should deploy on Linux cause I use it for my own stuff
and its Really Really Good honest" ?

So where are the hard data?  Who says Linux performs better than NT as a
server?  Wanting it to be true doesn't make it true, you know?  Are
there any published comparisons of performance (especially for serving

If there are links out there, can they be put into the Linux FAQ?
Can Debian add them to http://www.debian.org/related_links ?


Drew Parsons

p.s. are there any open-source alternatives to Tomcat for serving jsps? 
tomcat is reputed to be slow...

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