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Re: BSMTP on debian.net

On 01-02-16 Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> The next group would be people who can't receive list mail because their
> ISP doesn't like a couple meg of mail going into their mailbox every day.
> These people can register a debian.net name and just spool eveything into
> the BSMTP bundle and pick it up over ssh.

Hm, do those people just need to register a debian.net name or what
other measures do they need to take? And if yes, which ip should they
give the registered name or is this not needed?

> To actually do a SSH download I used a simple (dangerous!) script that
> did:
>   1) lock the smtp spool, the lock file should be ~/bsmtp/foo.lock, as
>      though it was for a mailbox
>   2) mv the spool to foo.transit.
>   3) gzip -9 and cat it (since this is being called from ssh this 
>      did the transfer
>   4) erase the transit file.

Hm, could this be simplyfied to 

/usr/bin/lockfile-create ~/bsmtp/domain
gzip -9 -c domain > domain.ssh
/usr/bin/lockfile-remove ~/bsmtp/domain

And then you simply copy domain.ssh via ssh to your local machine, where
you find it do rgsmtp to let him process it.

> The receive end just does sendmail -bs < foo after getting the batch.

Hm, directly feed it to sendmail -bs? Can sendmail really handle gzipped

> Refinements are to use bzip2, 

Hm, even if it uses a lot of cpu-time?

> some automated error handling, use a

What errors do you think above?

> persistant SSH connection and 

Why persistant?

> SMTP tunneling to immediately grab new mail, etc. 

Hm, this should be easy to setup.

> Finally, one also needs to setup your local mailer to respond to the
> debian.net addy. Oh, if you screw it up and start sending your cron mails
> to root@debian.org, I will box you up and send you Branden so he may have
> his way with you. 

Well, people with a decent MTA, that can decide between the local name
and local fqdn and domains for that he just receives email, should have
no problem with that.

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