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Re: Linux Professional Institute

Scott Dier said:
> * Ray Ferrari <rferrari@rainmanintl.com> [010216 13:12]:
> > P.S.: This is not spam mail. I have also written to Wichert and Joey
> > Hess to help us with this. I have participated in Debian mailing lists,
> > and also helped Debian at Linux World/San Jose a couple of times.
> Anyone want to tell me why this makes it right?  I don't care if or if
> not anything, business propositions such as cert tests really don't
> belong here.

Um, LPI is a non-profit attempting to build non-distribution specific Linux certification, to help promote Linux.  They themselves neither do the testing or the training.   This is a call for community help.  

Sure, some businesses later on will probably make money on testing and training.  Same way Progeny, VA Linux, and Stormix make money by selling distributions/hardware with Debian.  Does that make Debian a commercial entity?


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