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Re: Net-tools followup

Michael Epting wrote:
> This was hilarious.  I had shut down my laptop this morning after reading,
> but not entirely absorbing, the above.  This evening when I booted it, I
> of course could not bring up eth0, which is a Proxim Symphony PCMCIA card.
> Since I couldn't bring up networking, I couldn't get to this email, which
> I had read by ssh'ing to my workstation.  I have only the current **bad**
> net-tools .deb in my /var/cache/apt/archives, of course, so there is no
> hope of restoring the last good one quickly.

I agree.  That's hilarious.  I found it really fun to follow your
problem solving process.  It's funny how you get started with a good
idea and things don't work out initially, but your inertia is such that
you don't want to go back and re-think it.  I guess the end justifies
the means.  You get bonus points for creativity and resourcefulness.

I didn't want to quote the whole message, but if you happened to
/dev/null it without reading it, it's worth going back to the archives
and having a look.


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