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Bug#85783: ITP: fressh -- yet another (not quite there yet) ssh

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

FreSSH is an independent reimplementation of the SSH communication
protocol. It is written in C and runs on Unix. It does not, unlike various
other SSH implementations for Unix, trace its ancestry to the original SSH
code written by Tatu Ylonen nor to any other known SSH codebase.

FreSSH is distributed under a Berkeley-style license which permits you to
redistribute modified or unmodified source or binaries, so long as you give
credit to the copyright holders.

You can get the source (and the above text) from http://www.fressh.org/

Actually, this is prerelease-quality software, but I believe that Debian
should have all the free software packaged than someone is willing to take
responsibilty for.  I also intend to use and hack on it.  And you can't
have too much crypto.

I'm still in the new maintainer process, but I can get Sam Hartman
<hartmans@mit.edu> to sponsor the package.  


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