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packages to give up: epic, pftp

epic is sort of 'sentimental' for me, as it was my first Debian
package in '97, but I don't even use epic4 anymore, and don't have the
time to hack on it (Apache stuff is taking up increasing amounts of my
spare hacking time).

pftp is something I just want to unload:-)

Anything I ought to read to catch up on the latest stuff I should be
doing for package maintanance?  I was completely and totally off line
for the last month, and was unable to follow -devel much before that.

David N. Welton
     Personal:           http://www.efn.org/~davidw/  
Free Software:           http://people.debian.org/~davidw/
   Apache Tcl:           http://tcl.apache.org

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