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Re: Asking Questions upon package removal

On 11-Feb-01, 02:53 (CST), John Ferlito <johnf@inodes.org> wrote: 
> 	I'm packaging up a backup application that creates a whole lot
> of data file somewhere in /usr/share. Now if you delete these files then
> your backup tapes become really painful to restore.

Painful, or impossible? Assuming that it's not the actual backup data,
but just indices that could be regenerated (by feeding the actual backup
media or some such), then you should delete on purge, with no question;
assume the user isn't stupid. If it's the actual data, you shouldn't
delete it at all, any more than purging TeX should remove all the TeX
source files on the system.

And as someone else noted, the files shouldn't be under /usr at all.


Steve Greenland <stevegr@debian.org>
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