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Re: typo in constitution.

Brian Russo (2001-02-11 21:53:23 -1000) :

> 6.The proposer of a resolution may make changes to correct minor
> errors (for example, typographical errors or inconsistencies) or
> changes which do not alter the meaning, providing noone objects
> within 24 hours. In this case the mininum discussion period is not
> restarted. 
> s/the mininum/the minimum/, in the last sentence.
> Kind of ironic considering this bit is dealing with how to handle
> typographical errors.
> anyway, what should i do?

Browse the Jargon file, or type "dict hacker humor".  Read sense 1.  I
guess noone will ever know it that typo was intentional or not.  And I
bloody hope the original author won't come up with a "oh yeah, it was
intentional, just to see who would notice" answer :-)

Roland Mas

Bada, bada, ba-da-da-daaa, doudou, doudou, dou-dou-dou-dou-baaa.
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