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OpenOffice packages?

So, it seems we don't have StarOffice/OpenOffice packages yet in spite
of three people ITPing it... Any of you care to fix this?



Last I looked (this morning) at http://openoffice.org, Open Office ran
to 400 MB of source code, around 70 MB in compiled form for each 
applicable architecture, and didn't work.  It's still very much a
project for would-be software developers, in other words.  Since it's
liable to change at unpredictable rates in unpredictable forms, it
probably isn't something that can usefully be added to Debian and
easily maintained right now.

That leaves Star Office 5.2, of course, which does work and is 
available for a couple of bucks on CD from a variety of venders.  
Perhaps some public-spirited developer could whip up a Debian-installer, 
as was once done for Star Office 3.1?

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