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Re: printtool in Debian

Hi, Grant

(1) Question to you, 
(2) few pointers to clarify facts, and 
(3) my thoughts on driver configuration utility following.  

(I like your http://www.linuxprinting.org/  Thanks. :-)

(1) Question to you:
Your lpdomatic seems to be very capable.  Is there nice GUI front-end 
to use your filter/data by setting /etc/printcap or something, so I 
do not need to specify printer type for each lpr invocation?  

By looking at your site, it looked to me that I had to specify from 
lpr's option.  

(2) Few pointers to clarify facts: 
On Fri, Feb 09, 2001 at 07:11:19PM -0500, Grant Taylor wrote:
> LPRngtool came out of turbolinux, IIRC; they might be shipping that, 
LPRNGTOOL was originally written by Geoff Silver <geoff@uslinux.net>.
      http://www.uslinux.net for the pristine information.
Very extensive rewrite (Practically new gui), and looks like a
very good one to me through my reading of its TCL code.

Original LPRNGTOOL uses the original RH filter script set, which is 
a magic filter called rhs-printfilters.  This is not THE magicfilter 
which can be found in debian archive (main/binary-i386/text/magicfilter).
This is bash shell script and light.  That is the advantage. 

Turbolinux 6.0 was shipped with LPRng with apsfilter.  I do not know
about new version. (Found out through archive, never installed.)

(3) My thoughts on driver configuration utility:
> OK, I'll admit that my little effort only has 700 printers...
Your database is impressive.  Thank you and Excuse me. 

I now pull my comment on printer DB and agree you that any new printer
driver configuration should try to use your DB.

My comment came from the fact RH did not list all drivers in 
RH6.0? days while selling CD to me with Aladdin GS, I think.  
No offense to your work.  Please understand.

> No, I think they're throwing printtool away - it's DEAD.  Please do
> not try to keep it alive.  

               ***  I disagree here.  ***

Coming back to printer configuration utility, if we want on-the-fly
GUI user interface, PRINTTOOL and LPRNGTOOL are only stand-alone 
functioning programs on debian archive.  I think keeping them alive 
in good working order is valid work and I, together with Rafael, 
hope to do.  Unfortunately, it is in hard-to-read TCL code which 
Rafael and I do not like but we are living with it. 

Of course, whenever new fully functional package which supersede 
PRINTTOOL/LPRNGTOOL, I will be happy to change mind.  In that 
context, I like LPRNGTOOL and may migrate to it, but had no time 
to check it as of now.

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