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Re: Xinerama and gnome-control-center problems?

On 2/7/2001 08:32, Chad Miller at cmiller@surfsouth.com wrote:

>> On 2/6/2001 00:32, Hamish Moffatt at hamish@debian.org wrote:
>>> The whole idea of Xinerama is that your entire desktop is one display,
>>> right? So how can gnome-control-center display the image on just one
>>> display?
> Not just one 'display,' one 'screen'.  (I'm being pedantic, but if this
> is an X problem, then it's warranted.)

I'm beginning more and more to see this as a problem with X or at least with
XFree86 4.0.2 and the new Linux kernel.

I have both monitors set to the same resolution and the same color depth,
knowing full well what the limitations are (I've written articles on X4 and
xinerama for Max. Linux). I've been able to do xinerama desktops with X
before, I know what I'm doing. So the bug must be either in X or between X
and the new kernel.

> On 2/6/2001 23:28, Scott Dier at dieman@ringworld.org wrote:
>> * Carl B. Constantine <carl@os-s.com> [010206 15:14]:
>>> http://www.pobox.com/~duckwing/xinerama3.jpg
>>> Not sure what's up. It's a bug somewhere but not sure where. It must be in X
>>> or the MGA Driver code or something. Not sure. I have some new MGA code that
>>> I need to try so I'll do that and see if it still happens.
>> I experienced the same problem with NVIDIA(closedsource) + fbdriver.

It's obvious I'm not the only one experiencing these problems then even with
different cards and drivers.

Maybe someone on the X Force for Debian (Branden??) can verify these

Anyone here experiencing this desktop problem with xinerama that IS NOT
using a 2.4 series kernel with X 4.0.2? I'd like to narrow down the problem
if I can to troubleshoot accordingly and report it as a bug to the X guys so
it can be fixed. I submitted a bug report to the gnome guys but it's
obviously not their bug. If any of the ximian group are reading, please
delete that bug when you come across it.

If I knew where the problem was, I'd fix it and submit a patch, but I don't.
I've even recompiled X402 with the 2.4.1 kernel headers to try and eliminate
the problem, but no go.

If you like, we can take this off of this list because it's not directly
related to Debian and I believe that would be preferred by the general
population of this list. I do appreciate everyone's help very much.

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