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Re: Problems with testing

On Tue, 6 Feb 2001, Gordon Sadler wrote:

> If all you need is debconf to work with apt-0.4.x ...
> apt-get source debconf
> cd debconf-x.x.xx
> vi apt/Makefile
> change CXXFLAGS at top of Makefile so it includes this:
> fakeroot debian/rules binary
> cd ../
> dpkg -i debconf_x.x.xx*deb
> Problem solved.
Thanks for the hint, but I also need apt-move, which has the same dependency
> Been running this way for months, keep an eye on changes to debconf
> however, Joey H updates it quite frequently.
That's why I'd prefer an apt-0.3.? fix for my special problem.
I'd definitively not find the time to recompile debconf and apt-move
each time.

Kind regards


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