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Re: Singapore Linux Conference

OK, now that the thread is quiret, perhaps I can remind everyone ;-)

Folks, please, please, please, see if you can turn up.  My personal
interest is to get my GPG key signed.  Please, please, please?
The web site is http://www.slc.org.sg .

Branden wrote:

> E.g., wearing your hair long or chewing gum could land you in a
> detention center for a few days, after which you'll be deported, and
> smashing a parking meter (a la _Cool Hand Luke_) could result in summary
> execution if a law enforcement officer happens to be nearby.

I am not sure that wearing your hair long is a criminal offence, although
it was cited often as an example of "western corruption".  It is known to
send school headmasters foaming at the mouth.

Chewing gum is allowed.  What is forbidden is the production and sale of
gum, so you can bring it in, donate, and chew.

Re: parking meters, there is ALWAYS a law officer nearby.  Singapore has
effectively privatised its police force, to CISCO (no, not that one).  And
it wont be summary execution, they are very clear on recovering damages
from you first ;-)

Of course, you never heard this from me ;-)

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