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RFC: Idea of Debian Font Manager

Hello there,

I've been working on central font management system. I've already written
some test codes and built test packages, and concluded it useful enough.
Please give me any comments about this system (especially font-related

The main purpose of Debian Font Manager is to separte font itself and
the proess of configration about the font, by having each application
package do configure about fonts by using the hints supposed to be provided
with each font. The current process of font configuration is combined to
font itself and the configuration is done only for a specific application.
For the rest of the applications, root needs to configure by hand. Don't
you think it is a troublesome work?
Separating font and the configuration would solve this problem IMHO.

The way of configuration:
Whenever a font is installed, the font package calls Font Manager with
the hints of the font. Font Manager then calls scripts provided by
applications that configure about fonts referring the hints (for example,
by rewriting config files and running commands).
An application package which make use of fonts must provide the scripts
for each category of fonts that the application uses. For example,
X may provide scripts for TrueType, bitmap, Type1 and CID, and
ghostscript may provide scripts for TrueType, Type1, Type3 and CID.

This configuration process mentioned above can be said as automated,
so the problem about name space cannot be avoided. Sometimes several
different fonts have the same identifier so Font Manager chooses
only one of them to be actually configured, and also provides the method
of choosing for uses. Sometimes lacking font is required in some situation
(like Ryumin-Light-H is often required for printing Japanese PostScript file)
so Font Manager substitutes other similar font for the lacking font.
This is the second function of Font Manager.

How do you think of this?

Yasuhiro Take aka hirot / <take@debian.org>

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