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Re: Xinerama and gnome-control-center problems?


Quoting Carl B. Constantine (carl@os-s.com):
> > Unless I'm mistaken, the app can't know that there are several CRTs that
> > make up a single display+screen, so it seems you have two screens or two
> > displays.  Are you sure that you're using Xinerama?
> > What happens when you type 'startx -- +xinerama'?
> Well, that's the command I'm using. But it does try to put the background
> screen on both monitors. Take a look here:
Xinerama, 2 Riva cards in different resolutions (1600x1200 + 1024x768 or
1280x1024 + 1024x768).

> http://members.home.net/duckwing/xinerama.jpg
> http://members.home.net/duckwing/xinerama2.jpg
Yep, same thing.

	Robert (who's still having doubts about it being a bug or a feature)

				Linux Generation

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