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Re: Problems with testing

On Mon, 5 Feb 2001, Andreas Tille wrote:

> The problem of missing perl-5.6, perl-5.6-base, ... vanishes if I'm using
> unstable but this is definitely not what I wanted to do.
> Even getting the files from the pool directory of the mirror doesn't help.
> Most of all my installed packages seem to be unavailable.  Is there any
> status file under /var/lib/dpkg which could be scrambled?

But aren't these just the packages that you installed from unstable and
which are not (yet) in testing?


PS: I have downgraded from unstable to testing two weeks ago. The biggest
    pain was deleting the debconf DB (as suggested by Joey Hess) which
    aparently was not downward compatible and the resulting troubles that
    packages had afterward with that. I spent about 1.5 days downgrading
    3 machines.

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