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Re: RFC: mingw32 cross compiler in Debian

On Sun, Feb 04, 2001 at 08:20:28PM -0800, Bradley Bell wrote:
> I'm already working on the cygwin cross-compiler.  it is able to produce
> both cygwin binaries (depend on cygwin.dll) and mingw32 binaries (do not
> depend on cygwin.dll), simply by setting the compiler flag -mno-cygwin.
> There may be cases where a pure mingw32 compiler would be better, in which
> case a separate mingw32 package would be fine.  But you should make sure it
> will really be necessary.

As I mentioned in private mail, let me know your status on this..

I currently have a functioning package using the most recent sources,
and have sucessfully compiled and run goodbye_windows.c with it.

I still have to attend to the administrivia before it's suitable to
upload, (correct copyright files and description etc. and a readme
outlining how to build .exe's with it would probably be helpful too)
and it would be nice if I could get it out of /usr/<target> and
into somewhere more complient with the fhs and policy, but I currently
have no idea how to do that without some horrid acrobatics, or if
gcc will even let me do it without needing environment vars everytime
it is used (which to me seems awful)

If anyone knows how to do this, please clue me in.

I do need this package in a hurry, and I have most of the hard work done
now, but I also don't want to tread on your itp/ita rudely, so let me know
what you think we should do..


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