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7.1 debs now available

At last I have some 7.1beta3 debs of PostgreSQL available for testing.

They can be got from 

These *should* install successfully, but, of course, great care should be
taken with existing data.

Back up /etc/postgresql and your $PGDATA directory before attempting to
install the new version.

Major changes:
postmaster.init and pg_options are no longer used; they are replaced by
postmaster.conf and postgresql.conf and the postinst script will generate
these from the old config files, if you let it.  postgresql-startup will
refuse to start if postmaster.init still exists.

Remember to change ~postgres/.profile and any other places that refer
to postmaster.init; they should refer to postmaster.conf instead.

postgresql-dump no longer has the -u option (upgrade in place) since this
is no longer supported by PostgreSQL.  I am quite surprised that the
existing postgresql-dump ever worked - perhaps it didn't.

If anyone has installed 7.0RC1 or an earlier release of 7 and now have a
7.0.2 or 7.0.3 installed, please remove /usr/lib/postgresql/dumpall/7.0
before you begin to upgrade.  postgresql-dump will use binaries from here
to dump the database, but 7.0 final release and later was incompatible with
7.0RC1 and earlier; if the earlier binaries have been saved, the current
ones won't overwrite them, and postgresql-dump will not be able to dump
the existing database.  (Since overwriting is done by the prerm script
of the currently-installed package, I can't get over this in 7.1's

I'm now downloading beta4 to package and will put that into CVS when
it's done -- tonight, I hope.

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