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Re: Spam on debian-devel

On Fri, Feb 02, 2001 at 11:06:25AM +0100, Julien Ducros wrote:
| Hi all !
| This is not a spam, i'd like to confirm that all the mails that have
| been posted to this list with a reply-to like 'From: "Lovely Johny"
| <John Lenon@mail.tuxfamily.org>' are not sent by our machine called 
| 'tuxfamily.org'.

I think, given the number of responses, that the mail header was
somehow modified for each destination host so that it appears to have
come from that host.  You, myself, and others have noted that the
return address was their own mail host even though we all got the same

| This user don't exist, we don't know him.
| Thank you all !
|         Jul

I am curious as to how the message can morph like that, but anyways ...


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