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Re: [Fwd: [RFC] Making NM 'by recommendation']

On Sun, Jan 28, 2001 at 12:37:47AM -0500, Jon Eisenstein wrote:
> Why did I apply, then? Because I know that this
> is a long process, and would rather put myself into the list and learn
> things during the wait than learn all of the skills and have to wait
> another year (okay, exaggeration, I know) to use them.
One possible way of dealing of this sort of thing would be to let
people enter the NM queue, and then not make them take up
the time of an AM until they approve of their own skill level.
They get somehow improved/expedited treatment once they make
this decision--for instance, a faster AM assignment.

(note: if the NM process were lightning-fast, there would be less
temptation to apply first/learn later, and my suggestion would
be even more pointless than it is now.  My idea is intended to
help the NM process move closer to that goal, but is by no means
a replacement.)

For example, John Doe enters the NM queue, hoping to be a
maintainer.  He knows that, in order to do this, he must learn
about the packaging system.  He indicates this on his app form.
He is not processed, but he moves up in the queue for AM
assignment.  Eventually he gets to the head of the queue.  If
he has not indicated that he is ready, he stays there without
an AM assignment until he does indicate his competency.  Once
that happens, he gets assigned an AM and (hopefully) goes
through the rest of the process quickly.

The main drawback that I can see is that this would encourage
(some) applicants to not bother to learn anything, but just
apply and then do other stuff for a month or so until they get to
the head of the queue, and then say they have learned something.
I don't think that this state would be significantly worse
than the current one w.r.t. applicants that don't have a clue,
but I am open to the idea that I am spouting nonsense and
don't have a clue myself :-)

have a nice day,
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