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Re: Open letter to Debian community

Sam Johnston <samj@faredge.com.au> wrote:
> I find debian with its 3 CDs at least difficult to handle already. When I 
> ask apt-get to install a package I usually get asked for a CD, and it's 
> usually the one I don't have (at least not nearby anyway). I'd copy them to 

Reducing the size of Debian will not help you on this one, because you
can always carry CD #1 with you and _assume_ that Debian contains only
650MB worth of packages.  Then, when apt-get asks you for the other
CDs, you can press Ctrl-C and tell yourself, "how unfortunate that this
software is not packaged because we need to keep Debian small".

As CD contents are now organized by popularity, you should only need
the first one or two disks if a small Debian does serve you well.  If
you find yourself looking for CD #3 from time to time, then the size of
Debian is quite well justified.  Just my $0.02,

-- Chuan-kai Lin

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