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Re: Daemontools


> > Also, I forgot to add in my previous message, that it is unnecessary to
> > run any of these scripts on startup, because as soon as svscan is started
> > it will automatically bring up all services.
> That's true, but you may wish to immediately shut them down again if
> the sysadmin has decided to run the service in level 3, 4 and 5 but
> not 2.

???? Can you explain how you want to do this? It seems VERY unclean to me to 
let svscan start the service and some init script stop the service after it 
has been started. Is that what you want to do? What about checking the 
runlevel in the supervise-run-script. If it's running in a runlevel where you 
don't want it to be run, the service can shut down itself. In that way the 
service (The daemon, proftpd or what ever) is never started. I think that's 
working fine if you reboot the machine in a new runlevel. If you just switch 
the machine to a new runlevel you have to send a term/kill signal to the 
daemontools services to shutdown services that don't have to run in the new 
runlevel. Or you can setup the init script of svscan (The ONLY needed init 
script) to stop and start daemontools if switching vom runlevel 2 to 3 or 
vice versa or what ever.

> I don't see any harm in using "svc -u" on a service that's already up

It doesn't hurt but it's also not looking good.

I don't agree, that these init-scripts are a good idea. You have to do things 
to EMULATE svscans behaviour. You have to check the down flag, and if it's 
set, you don't must "up" the service. Ok, that's pretty easy, but.... Well, I 
have a bad feeling about this. The people who are switching to daemontools 
are switching because they LIKE daemontools and if they LIKE daemontools they 
don't want init scripts. If they don't like daemontools they are not 
switching init.d-services like apache, proftpd and others to daemontools or 
are not using daemontools at all.


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