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Re: Open letter to Debian community

>>>>> "Victor" == Victor Vislobokov <victor@tvmaxima.perm.ru> writes:

(please don't take this as a flame, but I simply fail to see some of
these issues as real problems. Convince me otherwise...)

    Victor> possible. Distribution needs IRC client. Ok, it will be
    Victor> THE BEST irc client. Distribution needs games, ok! Let it

How do you decide which is the best IRC client?

What about people with different needs? Some want a text mode version,
some want a basic X-Windows version, while others expect to have a
fully GNOME or KDE compliant program.

    Victor> contain games that are interesting not only for children
    Victor> from 6-10 years.  I don't like the mess that happens with
    Victor> Potato's package's suffixes "-dev" and "-doc". It is
    Victor> thought that -dev should be in dev section and doc should
    Victor> be doc. But in fact they can be everywhere!  Another

Sounds a valid argument to me: -dev packages should go in devel,
and -doc packages should go in doc.

However, some people interpret this differently, so I will leave it at

    Victor> this option was been removed. But, sir, if I installed
    Victor> xdm, it doesn't mean that I want to run it. xdm is only an

Why would you install xdm, but not want to use it?

    Victor> stagnation? Some "features" of dpkg make me cry.  Don't
    Victor> you think, that names libxxx0-1.deb, libxxx1g-1.deb,
    Victor> libxxx1-1.deb are very strange? What is it? It is one
    Victor> library, but of various versions.  And this happens
    Victor> because dpkg cannot process existance of two various
    Victor> versions of came package. As a result, we need this names

I consider this a feature, not a bug. It means, for instance, that the
package maintainer has explicit control over what two packages can be
installed at the same time.

libraries get installed automatically by apt-get, there is no reason
why users need to know why the maintainer choose a particular name.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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