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Help !!! the mailinglists goes crazy !!!


now I have gotten 18 Messages but my MUA tell me, it can not 
download the messages, because I have not enough Diskspace...

I get this Message:

WARNING: The remainder of this message has not been transferred.
The estimated size of this message is 744845520 bytes.
Click on the server retrieve icon above and check mail again to get the
whole thing.  If the server retrieve icon is not showing, then this message
is no longer on the server.

Around 740 MByte...

Don't cc: me on mailinglists, I'm subscribed, if I write there.
Linux rebootet man in drei Fällen: 
Neuer Kernel, neue (Board-)Hardware, Stromausfall....

Aber Windows rebootet man auch in drei Fällen: 
Schutzverletzung, Bluescreen, keinen Bock...

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