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FHS compliance and UNIX sockets

I'm engaged in a running discussion on the PostgreSQL mailing list about the
location of UNIX sockets.  I moved the PostgreSQL socket from /tmp to 
/var/run/postgresql because of a bug report that tmpreaper was deleting the
socket; in fact FHS conformance would have required it any way, because
FHS 5.10 says that UNIX sockets should be under /var/run:

  "Programs that maintain transient UNIX-domain sockets should place them
   in this directory."

Following a question to me on how Debian regards the use of /tmp by X
for a socket directory, I looked on my system to see what else was violating
policy in this way.

The following non-FHS directories on my running system are used for UNIX

Program			Directory		Package

deskguide_applet 	/tmp/orbit-olly		gnome-panel
esd 			/tmp/.esd		esound
gmc 			/tmp/orbit-olly		gmc
gnomecal 		/tmp/orbit-olly		gnome-pim
gnome-name-service 	/tmp/orbit-olly		gnome-bin
gnome-session 		/tmp/.ICE-unix		gnome-session
gnome-terminal 		/tmp/orbit-olly		gnome-terminal
nasd 			/tmp/.sockets		nas
panel 			/tmp/orbit-olly		gnome-panel
python 			/var/lib/zope/var	zope
ssh-agent 		/tmp/ssh-XXAa2sVx	ssh
syslogd 		/dev/log		msyslog
tasklist_applet 	/tmp/orbit-olly		gnome-panel
xfs 			/tmp/.font-unix		xfs
X 			/tmp/.X11-unix		xserver-common

Are there reasons why these should not be made to conform to the FHS?

Similarly, what should be done about lock files in /tmp that ought to be
under /var/lock?  On my system I have /tmp/.X0-lock.

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