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Re: ITP: bibletime

Ivan E. Moore II (rkrusty@tdyc.com) wrote:

> Severity: wishlist
> Description: An easy to use but powerful Bible study tool for KDE 2
>  BibleTime 0.31 is a free and easy to use bible study tool for UNIX systems.
>  BibleTime provides easy handling of digitalized texts (Bibles, commentaries
>  and lexicons) and powerful features to work with these texts (search in
>  texts, write own notes, save, print etc.).
> License: GPL
> The tricky part of this is that it uses exteranl docs (in different formats
> depending on how it was created...)..anyways...Some of these are (c)'d as
> well as the whole bloat issue of text type packages... In the upcoming stable
> (1.0) release there will be full blown utilities built in that will make this
> package usefull even without any of those external packages.  My goal will be
> to make those packages available either through Debian or external...depending
> on size and everything...I'm not sure I want to bloat Debian with a bunch of
> bible text...

This is already being packaged by Daniel Glassey
<danglassey@yahoo.com> (I am sponsoring him). And an ITP was already
done by someone else... does no one bother to check the list archives

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