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Re: the (unknown) maintainer in the BTS

On Sun, Jan 14, 2001 at 06:17:34PM +0000, Colin Watson wrote:
> >The list of bugs by maintainer on the bug tracking system web pages
> >have 18766 bugs in packages maintained by (unknown).  Similarly, the
> >list of bugs by package shows most packages as being maintained by
> >(unknown).  Does anyone know what's up?
> [fx: watches debian-bugs-dist go nuts]
> Looks like it's getting back into sync now ...

Yes, we had a problem with charisma, the script that makes the Maintainers
file; when the Maintainers file is broken, the BTS doesn't process its
incoming spool directory. The people at owner@bugs weren't watching their
mail closely (I for one had my MX record fucked up so some sixty owner@bugs
mails were deferred -- there's a Murphy's law :) and the situation extended
for several hours. So, there were more than 300 items held up in the spool,
and they were processed once Anthony Towns had fixed the Maintainers file.

Note that some of those were old messages that were stuck there for
unrelated reasons, and that caused a couple of extra actions (old reassigns
repeated, a couple of new bugs reported). Hopefully nothing serious happened
because of this, although this may have caused those empty bug logs (which
causes the CGI to print that opaque error message).

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