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Re: Orphaned team (pay attention, plz)

> But what about packages like silo which didn't need really a fix and
> where no one thaugh about adopting it until I mentioned it's removal
> here? I think one or two people taking care of some important packages,
> would still be good. But I have to say that your idea is also very good.
> Maybe we can combine them to have a dir called limbo or something with
> packages that lack a maintainer. And one or two people take care of this
> packages, remove old cruft after some time an take care of some
> important packages that are maybe classified as having no maintainer.
> What do you think?

1) upload a package with maintainer 'Unmaintained'
2) after N days/weeks/months (specified by release maint or someone else)
   the package is removed / sent to 'limbo'
   in the interim, once a week / month a mail is sent with the list of
   'condemned' packages.  If people are not interested in that time packages
   can be removed.  Perhaps a special for packages with a specific ARCH.

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