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Re: senior developer? [was: New-maintainer - STOP THAT SHIT]

>>>>> "Adam" == Adam Heath <adam@doogie.org> writes:

    Adam> Senior developers are not self-appointed.  It is not a
    Adam> self-made description.  You become a senior developer when
    Adam> you do more than the average developer, when other know you
    Adam> well, when other learn from you.  Ie, Senior Developer is a
    Adam> community placed title, which fits in perfectly well with
    Adam> the community aspect of debian.

I've got a different (and much simpler) definition:

  Senior Developers are members of the Debian Cabal.

Of course, there is no cabal. <0.9 wink>

Bye, J

PS: Apologies to Tim Peters... ;-)

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