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Progeny Debian Beta 2 now available

It should go without saying, but all of Progeny's enhancements and
additions are freely licensed and available for incorporation into the
official Debian packages (where this has not already been done), per the
discretion of the appropriate package maintainers.


Progeny Linux Systems is pleased to announce the availability of its
second beta release of Progeny Debian.

This beta is being released as an independent, installable system.  ISO
images are available at <http://archive.progeny.com/images/>. They consist

1. 1 binary Install CD
2. 2 source CDs
3. 1 boot floppy
4. 1 kernel module floppy

Be sure to read the Beta 2 Release Notes, at

The beta is also available as an upgrade to:

1. Debian 2.2 (potato)
2. "slink-and-a-half" (the VA Linux boxed set edition of Debian 2.1)
3. Debian 2.2 with Helix-GNOME packages

Upgrades from other versions of Debian, or from Debian-based
distributions, are not yet officially supported, but may work.
Progeny would appreciate hearing of any efforts to make these
migrations successful.

Some of the features of this release:

 - zero-floppy installation (for systems that support El Torito bootable

 - graphical install using GTK+

 - noninteractive installation (for clusters and server farms)

 - a user-friendly and coherent default GNOME desktop configuration

 - recent packages from Debian's testing version (woody)

 - debconfization of many packages

 - a GNOME front end to debconf

 - GTK+-based "configlets" for several critical aspects of system
   configuration (time/date, MTA, network setup, XFree86) using debconf on
   the back end

 - boot support via GRUB, including (optional) automatic migration
   from LILO

 - package sets, an alternative to task packages in which groups of
   packages are defined by a list of member packages in a conffile

 - two package set selection tools, apt-pkgset (command line), and
   gnome-apt-pkgset (GNOME) which can be used to easily install and remove
   package sets, for easy management of popular and useful groups of Debian

 - hardware autodetection (based on the "detect" library)

 - Linux kernel 2.2.18

 - XFree86 4.0.2

 - Mozilla 0.7

We encourage people to test this release and report bugs, so our final
release can be as high-quality as possible.  You can report bugs to us
via the "bug" tool (which has been updated to send bugs to us), via
email at <bugs@progeny.com>, or through our Web interface at

For more information, visit our Web site at <http://www.progeny.com/>, or
email us at <info@progeny.com>.

Branden Robinson          | GPG signed/encrypted mail welcome
branden@progeny.com       | 1024D/32222732
Senior Software Developer | E31E 8D74 4BFA 77C9 6560
Progeny Linux Systems     | 0560 137B F214 3222 2732

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