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Re: Orphaned team (pay attention, plz)

Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:

On 17-Jan-2001 Peter Novodvorsky wrote:

++ 17/01/01 18:09 +0100 - Christian Kurz:

No, once again. I think that sponsored packages should be maintainer by
a sponsor team and orphaned packages by an orphaned team ;). This way
the QA Team can focus again on it's QA task. If you have any more
question, the let discuss them via the other way. ;)

I agree with you and I ask developers to pay attention to this idea.

or better yet, remove packages from the distribution that lack maintainers. Place them in a dir called 'limbo' or something. If the package is actually
useful, someone will pick it up.  Otherwise old cruft can be removed.

I second this (last) suggestion.


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