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Re: Solution strategy: Re: use and abuse of debconf

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> There doesn't currently seem to be any support for a standard template that is
> used by many packages.  While the shared/* namespace provides for shared
> answers, each package includes its own question to ask in order to get the
> answer.  I am interested to know which template actually gets used in this case
> (Joeyh?).  A brief glance at the code gives me the impression that it's the
> last template read.

That's correct.

> What I would like is a shared-global template with a package-local answer, such
> as shared/overwrite_config_file, into which can be substituted, say, a package
> name and a config file.  This template would presumably be included with
> debconf.  The question could then be asked, and the answer stored in
> package/overwrite_config_file.  That way, the wording, formatting, etc. would
> be correct and consistent for all packages which need to ask this question
> (which would become very common).

We could make a package that contains such templates and make debconf
depend on it.

see shy jo

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