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Re: package question - wnpp


Quoting Lamer (vinauser@netvigator.com):
> actually, should those 'orphaned' or 'ITA' packages be eventually have
> someone maintain them, but with a non-so-critical performance? i thought
> that it's good since that if someone has got the right to maintain them it
> would be lot faster if some nasty error occur (e.g. root overflow for
> daemons, data lost for editors, security error on compiled programs etc?)
Afaik, that's what debian-qa does (orphaned packages have debian-qa as a
maintainer).  If a package is orphaned, somebody _should_ take over to take
care of the package, and take some work off QA's shoulders - and that's what
the orphaned list on http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/orphaned is for.
Security bugs (such as overflows) can be fixed by 'security' - and there are
semi-regular NMU's for packages with security bugs that aren't being fixed
soon enough.

>From the developer's reference: 
"Another reason why NMUs are done is when a Debian developers needs to fix 
another developers' packages in order to address serious security problems 
or crippling bugs, especially during the freeze, or when the package 
maintainer is unable to release a fix in a timely fashion."

Also from the developer's reference (on QA/orphaning): 
"If you can no longer maintain a package, you need to inform the others about 
that, and see that the package is marked as orphaned. you should set the 
package maintainer to Debian QA Group <debian-qa@lists.debian.org> and submit
 a bug report against the pseudo package wnpp."

If you want to become involved with debian, you might want to read up on the
developer's reference, and associated documents!
(Never thought _I_ would say that sometimes)

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