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Re: ITP: midgard

On Tuesday 16 January 2001, at 1 h 18, the keyboard of Scott Dier 
<dieman@ringworld.org> wrote:

> I plan on packaging up the midgard project into a few different
> packages.  Midgard is an Open Source content management tool based on

Do note there are now four free content management tools, one being packaged in Debian and two being ITPed. I wanted to emphasize this, since I've often heard that such a topic is "too complex for free software".

Zope (already in potato) <http://www.zope.org/>

Midgard <http://www.midgard-project.org/>

Bigwig (which is not a complete content-management solution) <http://www.brics.dk/bigwig/>

Enhydra (no ITP yet) <http://www.enhydra.org/>

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