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Re: ITP: uml -- user mode Linux port

On Mon, Jan 15, 2001 at 10:04:56PM -0600, Adam Heath wrote:
> Woop!  YAY!
> How did you package it?  As a kernel-package source patch?  module?

I did it brute force, no such prettiness, though integration with
kernel-package would be very nice to have, and I'm very interested in
ideas along that front. If the brute force approach is unacceptable,
I'm also willing to put some more time in, but I think this is a more
than reasonable initial import.

The only trick to packaging it was that there were no noninteractive
configuration scripts. I devised one (also by brute force) by changing
readln() in scripts/Configure to simply always return what it saw in
the existing .config and creating a new configuration target to call
the modified version of the script. Outside of this (and the below)
deb-make and a couple of extra lines in debian/rules seemed to do
just fine.

I suppose there are a couple of hassles with it that could use some
going-over, namely:
	1) How to handle a "modified" GPL with exceptions is slightly
		unclear to me. Either I need to shut lintian up with an override
		or separate the exception(s) from the GPL and deal with it that way.
	2) The kernel must be statically linked to build/operate at all.
		This probably calls for an override.
	3) Last, but not least, someone responded to me privately and
		noted that the package name suggested to him something
		called "Universal Modelling Language". In the interest of
		complete clarity, perhaps it's best to rename the package to
		"user-mode-linux" and spell it out in full.

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