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Re: Quake and snes9x should be in main

> > > > 
> > > > You cannot charge money for GPL software either.
> > > > 
> > > Yes you can burn you own cd with emacs + source and sell it, but anyone
> > > buying your $100 cd can burn 100 copies and give it away to friends, or
> > > sell it or nail it to the wall instead of buying a real wallpaper.
> > 
> > No, it specifically says that you can only charge a reasonable media
> > fee.
> thats for the source code offer, the GPL makes no restriction on what
> you may charge for the software (binaries), it just must be
> accompanied by a written offer for the source code at a cost not
> greater then that of media/shipping.
> otherwise how could say redhat charge $60-70 for a CDROM full of GPL
> binaries? 

<snip of GPL text>

This is absolutely correct. The text that refers to charging for
distribution states (I'm sorry I can't quote directly, I'm trying to fix
cut/paste) that you may charge for the physical act of tranferring a copy,
and/or charge for a warranty. It does not have any restriction on what
that charge may be. [Term 1, last paragraph] And, as said before, only the
source code has a restriction of price, that being that it may not exceed
the cost of actually providing the media itself.

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